Donny's Boat Rental Prices 1st Nov 20 to 31st Oct 21

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No longer Available

Note Ice is for sale to use with cooler. Basic fishing poles for rent.

All Taxes included in prices

Discount available 15th Jan to 28th Feb 2021. Please call or email for prices.

Terms, Conditions and Liability

  1. Rental is to be paid in full before the start of the rental either by confirmed Paypal payment or cash.  There is no ATM on the Island, sorry no credit card accepted.

  2. Return the boat, engine and equipment in same condition as taken.

  3. Return boat with same fuel level as taken.  Any missing fuel is charged at $7 per gallon.

  4. To be fully responsible for payment of any damage, what so ever, caused during the rental.  To include sinking due to neglect.

  5. No refund or credit due to non-use because of weather conditions.

  6. Cancellation made within 28 days of rental will not have the deposit returned.

  7. To use the boat only between sunrise and sunset.

  8. Collect the boat no earlier than 8am and return no later than 5pm EST or 6PM EDT.  Late return is charged at $30 per hr.

  9. To use the boat only within Abaco sound. Ocean fishing within 1 mile of the shore is allowed only if weather permits, agreed with Donny at the start of the rental and noted on the rental form. Any loss of the boat on the ocean side of Abaco sound you are fully responsible for all costs, whatever the cause.

  10. When docking, anchoring or securing the boat and equipment you agree to take the weather and tide into consideration to prevent damage to boat, motor, equipment and/or dock, neighboring boats, and persons.  Any damaged caused you are fully responsible.

  11. To pay reasonable cost for lost rental days due the boat being unavailable to rent, due to needed repairs required to damaged/loss caused during your rental.

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