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Marina and Mooring  You MUST call vhf 16 /email before arriving at Donny's to check on the latest protocol in place.

Boat rental. I am taking booking for this summer boat rentals. This is subject to the Bahamas being open to over sea travellers. 

Visit the Bahamas Prime Minster website OPM.GOV.BS for the latest Covid travel information

3rd June 20. After hurricane Dorian The Abacos has struggled to make progress. On GTC we were  working hard to rebuild our homes, open our business and hopefully visitors would return. We could see some light at the end of the tunnel and have a little hope. Then Covid 19 restriction stopped us in our tracks. The Abacos are at a fragile recovery stage after Dorian and we could not have Covid 19 running rampant. The government put in place restrictions which closed us down. Over the next few months we slowly were able to start again to rebuild and restrictions little by little are being lifted. Hopefully you can visit soon The Bahamas and our little island.


In my little corner of GTC work has gone on as permitted under restriction. I now have 90% of my dock rebuilt, all by hand. I am thankful for all the help the boaters have given me. All my rental boats are ready to go. A lot more work has gone into tidying up my property. I had to make the choice to rebuild and open my marine and rental boats over fixing the inside of my house. Hopefully the travel restriction will be lifted soon and I will be able to replenish the coffers so I can continue with the inside of my house.


GTC has electricity, mains water, cell coverage (aliv and BTC) grocery stores, restaurants and liquor stores all open. The beaches have been cleaned up. 


Please check Bahamas prime minister website  OPM.gov.bs for up to date Covid travel information 


I hope you will return to GTC and help support us. A big Bahaian welcome awaits you and a massive thankyou to all. 



Hurricane update 4th march 2020

It's been a little while since my last update. Busy, busy, busy. The rebuilding goes on. The island feels like we are making good progress, normally day to day life goes on around the reconstruction. Blue tarps are being replaced by roofs, generators noise subsidising as more houses are hooked up to mains power, water pressure returning, even talk of Hi speed fibre being turned on!  Supply boats continue with much needed supplies. Many homes are still awaiting "stuff" with others just now being able to start to rebuild. The hum of construction goes on. On my little corner of GTC, boaters are returning and I have a few rentals boats going out. Thankyou all for supporting Donny's and GTC. Work continues rebuilding the dock by hand, I have about 150ft of useable dock rebuilt. As I wait for dock supplies at times I turn to rebuilding my main house. I have a water tight shell, all of the inside needs replacing...like many others on GTC, at times it's overwhelming.Hurricane Dorian hit the Abacos 6 months ago. A lot has been done, with a lot more to do.GTC is open for you to visit, you coming to the islands helps tremendously in supporting us to rebuild. I thank everyone who has helped out and those in the future that will help out rebuild our little island.



HURRICANE UPDATE. 10th Jan Donny's is OPEN. I have all my rental boats ready, all mooring balls, shower, toilet, trash bins and water is available from town in Jerri Jug using my my golf cart. Power is now back on island to some houses. Hopefully soon the power and water will be restored to all of GTC. The following is a guide only at the moment, as thing are evolving daily in the Abacos, please check to ensure nothing has changed . There is community radio net each morning on ch 72 with updated information and volunteering opportunities. Cell phone and Internet, use ALIV  sim which can be purchased on GTC. BTC is now working but no sims cards on GTC. Fuel is available via JerrI jug at Sunset Marine and along side at Green Turtle Club. Propane bottles can be refilled ask at Sids grocery store. A grocery store is open on GTC for food, with fresh veg and fruit. Sundowners bar is open at weekends, Davids liquor store, has cold beer and snacks 6 days a week.  Mcintosh and Two Shorty restaurants are open for lunch and dinner  The ice cream shop Turtle Crawl is open most evening. Customs and immigration are open at West End 7 days 8am-5pm, Spanish Cay call on CH 16 to see if they are on island. Coopers Town is quick and easy as you pass by, located in a commercial port know as chinese harbor 26 degrees 53.639 minutes North, 77 degrees 31.988 west, buoyed deep (14ft ?) entrance, tie up to wall, walk to building that looks like an office, Mon-fri 8am -5pm .Treasure Cay Airport, timing we are unsure of and Marsh Harbour Mon-Fri 8am-4pm. Customs at GTC by appointment if officers are available . Green Turtle ferry is operating on a reduced schedule due to losing boats in the hurricane. The entrance to Blacksound is clear of any obstructions. The channel markers into White sound, some are missing. The beaches are open, fish are still in the sea waiting to be caught along with lobsters. Donnys and Green Turtle Cay are open,  your support in coming to GTC will help rebuild the island. 



POSTED 10th Jan 2020

2020, BOOM, BOOM,BOOM the drums of the Junkanoo ring around New Plymouth. The aftermath of the Hurricane surrounds us, but the island still managed to have the traditional New Year Junkanoo. It was a moving and wonderful to see the island smile.


Work goes on around the island, everyday I see a little more being done. The power poles are up, homes and businesses are sloooooowy being reconnected to the main power.  Jobs start and stop as we wait for supplies. Much has been done but a long way to go. The island now has restaurants, bars, grocery store open and the ice cream shop!


On my little corner of the island, I returned to GTC after attending my son wedding and with my daughter graduating in the summer, 2019 was not all bad. A start has been made  with the help of boaters on rebuilding the dock, with about 30ft so far being repaired. The rental boats are nearly all ready, with a little TLC they will be finished soon. I am keeping myself busy to avoid the quiet times were I start to think about the work that still needs doing, which at times still overwhelms me. We on GTC are thankful for all the support received and I am delighted that boaters have come back to help, people who rent boats in the past are returning. A BIG  thankyou.




Life on GTC is very busy, building, building, building. BIG thank you for all that have come to GTC to help rebuild our little island. Its amazing to see how much can be done in a short time. A very long way to go, but very heartening to see progress. Power is now back on the island for some houses and the power cables and poles are stilling being put up. Hopefully soon the whole island will have power.  On my little corner of GTC. Much has be done, a new dingy dock, a started made on repairing the dock, but some dock is usable and strong. The mooring balls have all been inspected and replaced as required. I have now had change to look at all my rentals boats which I came repair and all are available . Many jobs are stopped because I do not have the supplies, no popping to Marsh Harbor. I took my first trip onto Abaco, it was sad to see how bad it is. Maxwell supermarket has just reopen and fully stocked, it was the only placed that looked the same. Much work, but they where hit very very hard. I am sure GTC will rebuild, hope other parts of the Abacos can.  GTC is open for you to come and visit, we needed your support to continue. Any boat coming over that help bring supplies please email me. 

My son is getting married on the 7th Dec, which I will be in the US for. I am thankful that I will be  surrounded by all my family. After the hurricane simple life moments mean so much more and seeing my son have the chance to get married is a blessing and joyful time for all my family. 


Posted 11th Nov 2019

I cannot thank all of you enough who have help GTC and myself. I will in time get to talk to all of you individual and thank you personally. Big step forward, my son Justin and a small work crew have the roof on the remaining part of the house and hopefully its water tight. My rental boats are now back on there trailers, most I will be able to repair, fingers crossed, but sadly my own boat is a total loss. Much talk of the power coming back on, they have been renewing power poles and lines. We are told a matter of weeks..........or months. The water supply has been on and off. Daily routine is slowly getting back to normal, if you forget about massive piles of rumble and rebuilding going on. Getting stuff to GTC was never quick, but work is being done at the pace of the supply boats. I have along wish list of stuff I need, if you can help in any way big or small please email me or donate above.




Many many people are working hard to rebuild GTC. Thanks to the generosity of many, building supplies are arriving on the island.


Each day a little more gets done. At times the task is over whelming, but rays of sunshine are found in completing the small jobs. They all add up.


On my corner of the island, making the house water tight is my focus, hopefully very soon it may start to dry a little. I now have a shower and working toilet and semi dry bedroom. The salvage of boats in blacksound is ongoing. The days are long and conditions at times are very tough. 


Will I reopen many are asking. I hope to reopen my moorings and some of the dock. Boat rental, likely with a much smaller fleet. When? I have work to do, help would be much appreciated, but God willing early November Donny's will reopen in part.  If you are looking to make a reservation please email as cell coverage is patchy and I will reply, it may take a few days.


A big thank for your help already received and any that you can offer.


God bless.



Posted 28th Sept 2019

I am back on GTC having crossed over from Florida with a boat full of supplies with my good friend James. Stepping back on GTC I am amazed how lucky the island was that no one was killed during the hurricane.  Houses gone or smashed to pieces, the island looks like a war zone. On my little corner of the island I was reduced to tears seeing my home and Donnys again. I am thankful I am alive and for all the support GTC and myself have been offered. The clean up has started, it will be a long road ahead. My son will return to help put a roof back on the house, the list of jobs to do is big. Not having the materiels to hand will make the rebuild slower. Many many thanks to all who have offered help, if you can bring supplies over to GTC please email me. 

God bless


Posted 16th Sept 2019

I cannot express enough how overwhelmed I am by the warm wishes and offers of support for "Donnys" 


I am sat in Florida trying to work out how to rebuild. Where to start. Justin and I will return with a small team early Oct 19 to try and make our home water tight and habitable. I am hoping we can save half the house.


After years of struggle, I find my self once again rebuilding Donnys. I have done it once with your help, I hope we can do it again.


Can you help me rebuild? If you can please email me or press the donate button above. We need  boats to help bring stuff to Donnys/GTC now and in the future. 


I am aiming to open some part of Donnys however small for the new year. It may only be mooring balls or small part of the Dock, but to me it will be a big step forward in the future of Donnys. Coming to GTC will help all the island.


We plan to keep updating the website with our progress so please stay tuned.


God bless all of you for your very kinds words and help, you are all part of "Donny's" family.


God bless 





Posted 6th Sept 2019

Green Turtle Cay was hit very hard by Hurricane Dorian. Me and my family on GTC are all OK. Sadly the Island has been badly damaged, the home that I built and marina are severely damaged.


The overwhelming support I have received from many who have become friends over many years, to the sailor who stayed just one night on a mooring or family who had a rental boat, is heartwarming. I wish I had more words than, Thank you.


Honestly, the task ahead is overwhelming me. 


Humbled by the offers of support I may, in the future appreciate a helping hand.


At the moment I plan to leave GTC, with my Mum and Justin, so we can rest before the hard work starts.  Sadly until further notice Donnys Boat Rentals and Marine are closed.


My heart and prays go out to all in The Abacos, especially on Green Turtle Cay.


God bless



Donny's boat rentals at Green Turtle Cay, Abacos, Bahamas has a fleet of rental boats from 17ft to 23ft. Having a boat during your stay gives you the opportunity to go Island hopping, visit the pigs at No Name Cay, spotting turtles at Manjack Cay, picnics on secluded beaches, snorkeling or fishing.  All our boats have a 4 stroke engine.  See boat rental page for details

Donny's is cruiser friendly marina with fixed price dockage up to 50ft LOA, 7ft draft and moorings with plenty of swing room.  Arriving at Donny's you will receive a warm Bahamian welcome, nothing fancy, shower, bathroom, trash cans, dinghy dock, electric (15-30 amp) and water on solid docks, along with well maintained moorings in a protected location. A fuel dock and boat yard are close by. Donny lives on site and is always available if you need help.  The historic little settlement of New Plymouth, 10 minutes walk away, has customs check in, restaurants, grocery stores and 2 small hardware stores.  See docks and moorings page for details.

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